Wasser- und Kanalisationswerk

frameLOGIC in water supply & sewage system services

Our system perfectly matches the needs of companies, which work within a network infrastructure. It especially concerns water supply & sewage system services, ensuring a comprehensive resolution in the following two areas: fleet management, and control over heavy-duty machines.

Transparent vehicle accounting processing

Thanks to the Drivers Log Module, frameLOGIC supports vehicle accounting processing in water supply & sewage system services. Moreover, we provide full circulation of drivers’ log, from complete accounting to closing such a document. With the complementary product – eLog – we can even get rid of the physical document circulation, and replace it with a digital form. Furthermore, our system integrates with third-parties financial solutions allowing booking associated costs on particular accounts.

Full maintenance control

Thanks to the dedicated maintenance module, we support repair accounting. We ensure smooth circulation of repair orders, full documentation as well as precise booking of expenses to particular accounts. It is noteworthy, that we allow complete planning of maintenance actions, including booking suspension of vehicles, during the repair process.

Detailed information regarding heavy-duty machines

Our ongoing business partnership with Kroll company allows us to monitor all the equipment, that a vehicle comprises of. We can precisely present detailed information about all the work done by relevant machines, including such data as e.g. the length of extended hose.

Work chart of heavy-duty machines
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