Wide scope of applications

Our solutions are used by companies which possess their own fleet of vehicles or manage a mobile workforce. The versatility of our system and ability to adapt to specific requirements enable its deployment in many different industries, i.e.: power supply, transportation, utilities, sewage and waste collection, and construction, to name just a few.

Regular and dedicated solutions

We offer both, regular systems which have been successfully deployed on thousands of vehicles (FM.frameLOGIC – fleet vehicle management, FC.frameLOGIC – fuel control and FS.frameLOGIC- field team management) as well as dedicated solutions. Such an offer is an optimal combination of reliability and flexibility to the specific needs of every industry. A fine example of a successful dedicated solution is the concrete mixer RPM measurement tool which gives an overview of the mixer’s rotation speed and direction.

Mobile app for your industry

Each of our mobile solutions is tailored to match the needs of a specific industry. Such diversification opens a whole spectrum of possibilities – from field team management and communication between dispatcher and field workers, to a completely mobile version of Drivers Log, to permanent control over vehicle positions, including waste collection management. Moreover, any solution can be additionally customized to the needs of a particular user.

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