Vehicles management in the construction industry

The variety of vehicles used in the construction industry exclude the implementation of basic fleet monitoring systems. The way in which the construction machines are used requires an individual approach to fuel economy management, measurement of actual operating time, and booking vehicles for specific tasks.

Fuel and work time control at construction sites

Most IT solutions, which try to control fuel management, don’t work well in the tough conditions of construction areas. The FC.frameLOGIC system allows you to monitor refueling precisely, no matter where it takes place nor if the engine is on or off. Our solution allows you to determine the individual machine’s actual fuel consumption per hour and to detect idling time. Additionally, the FM.frameLOGIC system provides a clear time chart of a vehicle’s operations. We offer a number of devices made to control the work of additional elements, e.g., diggers, loaders, switchers, and rotation sensors for concrete mixing vehicles.

Vehicles booking and tasks assignment

An extension of our Fleet Management system – the Reservation Module – is an extremely useful tool for construction purposes. It allows or the division and assignment of vehicles to specific tasks. Employees responsible for carrying out the construction work are able to request a specific type of vehicle, which is subsequently approved (or not) by a dispatcher, based on its availability. Defining construction areas on a map allows you to find out whether the vehicle has done its job in the right place. Our system collects all the information about costs associated with the vehicle operation and assigns them to separate cost accounts appropriate to different projects.

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