Municipial companies

frameLOGIC applied in municipal companies

Meeting EU regulations regarding waste management is quite a challenge for municipal companies. It is almost impossible without support of modern technology. We offer variety of tools to identify waste containers, to weigh them, and to control waste transport.

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Municipal module

To meet the needs of municipal enterprises, we have created a system to support these institutions in the planning and execution of field tasks and available resource management. Our module treats the subject comprehensively – from the organization of waste collection, to scheduling, to determining daily routes, to accounting for completed tasks, and finally to reporting.

Waste collection monitoring

Tasks on a mobile device

Weighing systems

Our weighing systems are the result of a partnership with Austrian company Krickl Waagen Systeme GmbH (KWS). The solutions meet all the regular requirements for this type of equipment. They are used on the hoppers of garbage trucks, containers, crane trucks, and for weighing entire vehicle body. We offer very accurate measurement of the waste’s weight – within 2 kg for bins, 5 kg for containers, and 10 kg in the case of vehicle bodies. This precision is met under standard field conditions. Our systems are characterized by a simplified legalization procedure, and easy installation in any type of body and hopper. All in all, this means lower costs and simplicity of use.


RFID Identification

RFID technology is a great addition to our module. It allows automatic online identification of any type of object or device. It also helps supplement the basic information regarding field task progress. Thanks to RFID, we can provide a precise record of waste collection and the identification of particular bins / containers, including the recognition of their type. The solution facilitates statistics gathering and reporting too. In conjunction with the weighing systems, it presents a very important parameter – waste density. RFID technology is also offered as a result of our partnership with KWS.

Predefinied area of waste collection

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