Comprehensive solution for transport

The most important challenge to the transportation industry is the optimization of the costs of fleet upkeep. Our system provides the solution, helping not only to cut expenses, but also to manage orders efficiently and maintain the highest possible vehicle availability.

Fuel management

Diesel is one of the most significant costs in transportation. That’s why we have created a remarkably accurate fuel control system – FC.frameLOGIC. The highest precision of diesel level measurement and detection of any irregularities together create a very useful monitoring tool which generates huge saving. We also process fuel-related data, detect all negative trends within company’s fuel economy and deliver valuable insights.

Fuel graph

Drivers’ working hours analysis

Thanks to our integration with Tachospeed, we can provide customers with a real-time analysis of drivers’ working time. The module shows precise tips about current available driving time, upcoming breaks, and automatically warns about any irregularities detected. Moreover, the tips are sent directly to the drivers’ on-board terminals. It helps them plan breaks and avoid enormous penalties. The solution is something truly fresh and unique on the market.

Drivers working time info

Fleet management features

Our Fleet Management solution is a set of tools to monitor drivers’ work. The progress of processed orders can be monitored in terms of location, speed, work time, and many other parameters. Keeping industry needs in mind, we have created the Transport Orders Module, which helps in task planning, progress monitoring, and efficiency auditing.

Fleet of vehicles on a map view

Communication between dispatchers and drivers

We do know how important communication in the transportation sector is. That is why we offer several very attractive means for information exchange between drivers and dispatchers: via onboard communicator, via smartphone, and via tablet. Regardless of the device, our solution is always cost-optimal. However, its benefits extend far beyond the economic factor. The major advantages are: a full archive of messages, remote route defining, and notifications about important traffic issues, e.g., obstacles, detours, renovations, etc. Everything is presented on the finest quality map of Europe.

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