Water supply

frameLOGIC in water supply & sewage system services

Our system perfectly matches the needs of companies whose work is related to network infrastructure. It especially relates to water supply & sewage system services, providing a comprehensive solution in the following two areas: fleet management, and control over heavy-duty machines..

Transparent vehicle accounting

Our Fleet Management System covers a wide range of features dedicated to water supply and sewage system companies. In addition to the registration of drivers’ working time, the module provides detailed information on vehicle usage and automatically assigns costs which are subsequently sent directly to the accounting software. Its complementary product is eLOG – the solution which completely bypasses the circulation of paper documents and transfers their workflow to mobile devices.

Drivers Log

Full maintenance control

Thanks to a dedicated maintenance module, we support the accounting of repairs performed. We ensure a smooth workflow of repair orders, full documentation, and precise expense assignment to particular accounts. Also quite noteworthy is that we allow complete planning of the maintenance process, including booking vehicle suspension, during that time.

Detailed information regarding heavy-duty machines

Our ongoing business partnership with Kroll company allows us to monitor all additional on-board equipment. We can present detailed information regarding all work performed by relevant machines, including such precise data as the length of extended hose in a selected time period.

Work chart of heavy-duty machines

Mobile technologies

frameLOGIC’s solutions work on a full range of mobile devices. Divided into dedicated apps, they enable mobile workforce management, communication between dispatchers and field workers, control over vehicles’ positions, and running Drivers Log, to name just a few. The choice of device is made by the end user. One can choose from a whole spectrum – from heavy-duty devices to popular, mass-produced tablets and smartphones, which work under iOS, Android, and Windows Phone.

Mobile app – eLog (Android)
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