Technology as a service

frameLOGIC’s solutions support businesses with unique digital systems, cutting-edge technology, and professional customer care. We offer three independent applications: FM.frameLOGIC – for efficient fleet management, FC.frameLOGIC – for accurate monitoring over fuel economy, and FS.frameLOGIC – for mobile workforce management. Moreover, we welcome any individual needs and ideas, which can be transformed into dedicated solutions.

Professional Support

The basic idea of our services is to improve the quality of business management. It is possible only through world-class assistance at each step of task execution – from planning to administration to communication and optimization to monitoring and reporting. The constant support of our experts throughout the entire process guarantees the achievement of tangible benefits from the provided services.


Our solutions are able to integrate with third-party systems and hardware already in use by a company. Many such integrations are already prepared and readily available in our standard offer, but we are also ready to commence work on dedicated connections with new apps and devices. The frameLOGIC system presents information in the most user-friendly way possible. Gathered and processed data are presented in clear and intuitive ways, i.e. tables, charts, and very accurate maps.

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