Fuel Control

The most precise fuel control across the whole of Europe

FC.frameLOGIC is remarkably accurate fuel monitoring and control system. Readings from sensors installed inside fuel tanks are processed by sophisticated algorithms and analyzed with care by our technical assistants. Therefore, we can guarantee outstanding measurement accuracy – within 1.5% of tank capacity under standard road conditions. Thus, our customers gain total control and considerable savings.

Efficient fight with fuel frauds

Solution’s precision results from 3 key ingredients: reliable fuel probe, unique algorithm, and dedicated system analyst. All those elements combined together allow to gather 3x more accurate data than CAN Bus. As a result, we detect fuel frauds even as little as 15 liters. Moreover, we tighten whole fuel circuit with extra seals and filler cap protection. Altogether create efficient tool to prevent diesel thefts.

Know everything about refueling

Each recorded refueling, beside exact information about the amount of refueled diesel, delivers a number of additional data, e.g.: incident time, place, and automatic assignment of refueling with invoice. If amount of refueled diesel differs 1.5% or more from the amount on an invoice there is a fraud suspicion which is immediately verified and reported by dedicated analyst.

Dedicated analyst

Each of our customers gets dedicated assistant, which handles one’s company’s data on a daily basis. The analyst profoundly verifies every suspicious irregularity. If any of them is confirmed, he reports himself about it directly to the client. Such a model allow our customers to keep full control over fuel economy without involvement of own workforce.

Remarkable savings

Fuel expenses count very often for no less than 30% of all costs an average transportation company has. Our solution efficiently reduces diesel consumption, provides control over refueling, and eliminates fuel frauds. As a result, our clients gain on average between 3 and 10% of fuel savings. In the scale of whole fleet it is quite a lot of money so the return on investment is obtained really fast.

Negative trends detection

Tendency report is highly advanced tool, which detects alarming trends within a company’s fuel economy. It accurately analyses negative symptoms and links them with specific places, vehicles or drivers. Conclusions deliver excellent know-how which, if implemented, usually eliminates main sources of fuel-related issues.

Environmental report

Our system automatically creates obligatory “Report of fuel consumption for environmental purposes”, based on collected data. It is truly time-saving tool, which helps to avoid a lot of tiresome paperwork.

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