Drivers’ working hours

Avoid expensive fines

This unique solution guarantees real time control over drive and rest periods. Information is gathered directly from the tacho, analyzed according to 561/2006 regulations, and presented to the dispatcher and driver in the truck’s cab. The system provides huge savings due to the avoidance of terribly high penalties for breaking the regulations.

Real time tips

The system shows precise tips regarding the current available driving time, upcoming breaks, and sends automatic warnings about any detected irregularities. This is very helpful in route planning and order management. Moreover, the module ensures 29-days long analytical period, adjusted to EU requirements. Detailed information is available in over 20 reports, from which Violations Reports (consistent with EU tarriffs) deserve extra notice.

Remote tacho download

In order to manage the drivers’ working hours issue completely, we have created a tool to remote tacho download. Basically, it means clients can download vehicles’ mass memory with no need to bring them back to headquarters. One company card manages whole fleet and allows to collect *.DDD files from all vehicles with just one click. Thus, it guarantees that files from drivers cards and mass memory are always available in due time. The solution is very convenient and it makes work organization more efficient. What’s even more important, it generates remarkable savings due to: no need of reaching the vehicles on road, nor bringing them back to the base; decrease in lost profits, resulting from much higher vehicle’s availability; avoidance of expensive penalties, etc.

Current info inside a truck’s cab

We have extended our exceptional driver’s working hours controlling tool with a mobile solution. Now, any driver may have an access, via mobile device, to exactly the same information the dispatcher sees in the system. Moreover, the solution recommends driver the optimal next move in form of precise tip. This is a knowledge which really helps avoid expensive fines.


The information are gathered in over 20 reports, consistent with 561/2006 regulation.

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