Entire fleet at a glance

Fleet management has never been that clear and easy. Monitor in real time position and work of your vehicles, be aware of any obstacle on a road, mark key areas on a map. Automatically gathered data create summaries which show bigger picture of your fleet’s activity.

Current vehicle position

The system monitors current vehicle position and all additional information, e.g: refueling, work, pause, idling or Webasto usage. Therefore, it creates complete route history which will always be available in the system’s archives.

Traffic and road obstacles

Each fleet-related information is presented on clear and quick Nokia Here map. One of its main advantages is always up-to-date information about current traffic and road obstacles. Thus, our clients can always keep their fingers on pulse.

Vehicle’s work chart

It is some kind of vehicle’s work billing, built on actually measured data. This is also the easiest way to control whether it is properly and optimally used. Interactive chart presents not only vehicle’s work, but also activity of all on-board devices monitored by the system.

Analysis of executed routes

Our users can anytime review executed routes in order to analyze their run. The analysis, carried out in a map view, may relate to any chosen incident (drive, work, pause, refueling, etc.). Moreover, the solution allows to replay the executed route in form of an animation.

Predefined POIs and areas

Each customer has the ability to create his own points of interest and areas within the system. They make supervising of carried out tasks much easier. Anytime vehicle reaches the predefined POI or leaves the area, the system immediately sends a notification.


The solution automatically compares planned route with its actual execution by chosen vehicle. It notifies dispatcher in real time when the vehicle is leaving the route and when it is getting back on track. The module enables the creation and saving of route templates and the use of tunnels that have already been created.

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