Selected system reports:

Fleet usage report

It is the most comfortable way to summarize information gathered within the system, which delivers clear insight on how the fleet is being utilized. It is a highly efficient and also the tool most widely used by our customers. The report’s unique feature is report preparation from a vast database in almost no time at all.

Driver’s activities report by country

The tool created in response to our clients need which occurred after Germany have introduced minimum wage for drivers regulation (“MiLog”). It helps to analyze how much time each driver spent on different kinds of activity. The report is a necessity to handle new regulations.

Environmental report

With the help of our system, the time needed to generate the obligatory “Fuel usage for purposes of environment protection report” is reduced to an absolute minimum. Instead of wasting time on burdensome information gathering (vehicles used in a given year, exhaust emissions per car, info about every refueling, etc.) one can quickly create a summary, consistent with the requirements of a proper declaration.

Analytical report of fleet utilization

This report is a very advanced analytical tool, enabling extensive analysis of vehicle usage in a chosen time period. It is based on confrontation of normative average indicators with actual usage data. It enables the analysis of data stored in any other module.

Total vehicle’s expenses report

This report automatically counts actual cost of 1 km per vehicle or group of vehicles, based on data acquired from integrated accounting system. The tool takes into account invoices assigned to particular cost accounts.

Report of vehicle’s work after hours and during weekends

As the name states itself, the report creates a register of company’s vehicles activities out of standard business hours. It is perfect controlling tool.

Drivers’ and vehicles’ mileages report

This report creates summary of kilometers driven by driver, based on accounted drivers’ logs. From the vehicles’ perspective, beside basic mileage evidence in chosen period, it also takes into account actual vehicle usage duration and precise information about its operators.

Financial reports

This is a group of a few financial reports. Different tools account vehicle’s work, based on drivers’ logs in relation to the particular costs centers. The summary can be as well an analysis of whole fleet as an evidence of costs accounts for each truck.

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