Full control over cargo

A set of tools for trailers and frigos control provide complete knowledge about transported freights. Highly advanced algorithm which pairs trucks and trailers, precise information about temperature inside frigo, and cargo space opening sensors provide dispatcher an access to the key data. Obtain the information which will give you instant market advantage.

Pairing trucks with trailers

We have developed a unique algorithm which allow us smart pairing of truck and trailer that drive together. If both of them move longer than 5 min. with similar speed in the range of 1,5m. the system shows them as one combined unit. Our customers precisely know where their freight is, who is transporting it and who is responsible for it.

Precise temperature measurement

We offer temperature sensors with certification for the transport of food and medicines which meet very strict accuracy requirements – within 0.1 Celsius degrees. The possibility of measuring a number of points allows the temperature to be monitored in different zones of the loading area. Each excess of the minimum and maximum temperature, defined in system, is automatically alerted. This solution does not only provide load monitoring, but also the appropriate preparation of cargo-space before loading.

Safe cargo

Cargo space opening sensors allow to identify every opening of the trailer’s doors. Such a solution can also prevent robberies or verify predefined areas of loading and unloading goods. Implemented tools automatically alarm when cargo space is open out of predefined areas.

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