Field Services

Efficient management of field work

Field Services is an innovative system for field tasks management. It optimizes each stage of work and makes the coordination of the whole chain of orders much simpler. Quick communication with mobile workforce, easy orders administration, and complete register of assets make field projects management efficient like never before. Our quality is guaranteed by strong partnerships with Microsoft and Oracle MWM.

Orders chain optimization

The tool comprehensively optimizes the whole chain of carried out tasks – from its initiation, to automatic work dividing between field teams, to final accounting of time and expenses. In active deployment model, powered by Oracle MWM engine, the tool optimizes work schedules in real time, taking into account key parameters like: type of realized tasks, required qualifications, availability of staff and equipment, emergency situations, etc. Execution management is conducted via mobile devices. A dispatchers’ tool is the interactive Gantt chart.

Plenty of features

The system consists of plenty of features which simplify task planning, communication processes, and work progress supervision. Some of them are very useful themselves in getting ordered things done, e.g., navigation or the estimation of resources required for specific tasks. A particularly noteworthy functionality of our system is its ability to be adjusted, in terms of parameters (e.g., order status, POIs, employer records, etc.), to a user’s preferences and needs. All of it comes with a truly intuitive and user-friendly interface. The tool flexibly exchange data with NAM / GIS, HR, ERP, and accounting systems.

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