Mounting piles of papers

An everyday routine for many people responsible for fleet management or workforce management is filling in a pile of documents, summaries, reports, and declarations. Vast amounts of valuable time is sacrificed to analyze road cards, delegations, commissions, and fuel and maintenance invoices. Random events, failures or urgent tasks can ruin even the best work schedule and result in mounting piles of papers.

Automatic documents

Our solution for efficient administration transfers as many documents as possible to a digital system. Thus, they can be easily shared, and the whole circulation process – automated. The system keeps track of all the summaries and reports. Moreover, it even automatically fulfills data with recorded information. The best example is an Electronic Driver’s Log Module, which supports log circulation, its accounting, and costs assignment to appropriate tasks.

Fleet availability

Effective management can be further enhanced with reminders regarding maintenance checks, insurance due dates or licenses’ validity. This intelligent notification system, combined with a built-in manual maintenance planner, helps keep a fleet at the highest possible availability and creates a remarkable task management tool.

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