Field Tasks

Mobile challenge

The proper coordination of remote mechanics, field teams, and salesmen is quite a challenge. Additionally, chaotic flow of information inside the fast-paced business environment makes it even harder. In such a case, our eLog module works out to be truly useful. This fully mobile-based solution makes accounting and supervision a snap. Furthermore, it solves the issue of communication with field workers via a fast, stable, and cost-optimal in-app communicator. Nowadays, reliable support of new technologies seems to be a necessity for any modern company which wants to remain competitive.

Field support

We offer a mobile workforce management system – FS.frameLOGIC, which works splendidly in both large and small scale businesses. It supports field task management with a smart information exchange system between dispatchers and field workers, equipped with mobile devices. It helps not only to plan the tasks better but also is a useful tool for employees, giving them constant access to most current orders.

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