Monitoring and control

Uneasy relations between management and employees

Retaining effective control over staff is a great challenge for dynamically developing companies. Neither basic telecommunication tools, nor regular GPS monitoring systems provide enough information. As a result, a company is managed chaotically and workers both at headquarters and in the field mutually lose trust in each other. Such a situation leads to further distractions and eventually to below par business performance.

Broad perspective

We offer simple to use but comprehensive solutions, which reinforce relations between field employees, drivers, dispatchers, administration, and management. Fleet Management and Field Service systems enable control over vehicles’ and employees’ positions, their work time, task progress, costs, maintenance, and many other parameters. Furthermore, the Fuel Control solution delivers monitoring of fuel level and consumption.

Effective communication

frameLOGIC supports communication on many levels of management. Dispatchers no longer have to constantly confirm vehicles’ locations or work progress by phone. Senior managers have easy access to useful reports, and with the help of the Markers module, also to explanations of recorded incidents. Access to such information is also possible through mobile devices, like smartphones or tablets.

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