Vijfde Business Gazelle onderscheiding voor frameLOGIC!


We were awarded for the 5th time in a row with a “Business Gazelle” prize – a title for the fastest growing SME company. It is reliable proof of our business progress, which we are continuously observing for the last 5 years.

Gazele Biznesu 2014

This year the ceremony took place on February 17th, in Wrocław. The award was received in person by our Board Member – Wojciech Karel, who publicly commented on the prize:

Last five years were incredibly dynamic and succesful for frameLOGIC. During this period we jumped into the higher league of business. The “Business Gazelle” award is its proof, and in the same time a motivator to work hard further. We wish this run to continue as long as possible“.

Gazele Biznesu 2014

„Business Gazelle 2014” is the 15th edition of the prestigious rank, conducted together by editors of Puls Biznesu and Coface Poland.


Merry Christmas and Happy New Year 2016!

On behalf of the frameLOGIC team, we send you best wishes, lots of blessings for a wonderful Christmas and a very happy New Year 2016.

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Laten we elkaar ontmoeten op Transport Logistic in München.

We zijn intensief bezig met de voorbereidingen voor de aanstaande internationale Transport Logistic 2015 beurs tussen de 5e en 8e maand mei in de Messe…

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